Big news at VersaFile! We are thrilled to announce that Avrio is joining forces with RKO Content Management Solutions to organize and brand our combined ECM services and solutions under the VersaFile banner. Avrio has worked jointly with RKO on many projects over the last 10 years and we mutually decided we could provide a broader range of ECM services and solutions to our clients than either of us individually. The changes will start to take effect February 1st, 2017.

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VersaFile is the EasyPath to Enterprise Content Management (ECM). It is made with IBM to put content securely at your fingertips, it is easily findable, includes content centric workflows and records management and solutions can be fully implemented faster than any other vendor. VersaFile is a brand by RKO Solutions, an ECM and RM consulting company that has lived and breathed Content and Records Management solutions for over 15 years. The VersaFile pre-packaged, ready to go ECM solutions are based on this experience and are designed to get you up and running rapidly.

Rapidly Deployed Enterprise Content Management Software Solutions

The ECM QuickStart package is designed to get you earning value quickly upon subscribing to your new ECM and Records Management Platform.

CriticalContent is designed to process SOP’s, work instructions, protocols and standards faster and with better business insight than ever before.

Pre-packaged SaaS based ECM & RM platform based on FileNet to get business value faster.

At our core, this is what we do…

Taking you from document chaos to governed records and information management is what we do best. Traditionally, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) implementations are expensive, long and arduous to implement and rarely yield the results you were anticipating.  RKO flipped that tradition around by using methods honed for over 15 years, creating the VersaFile Solution Cloud Platform for ECM and our packaged ECM solutions. The result is an Enterprise Content and Records Management program that is structured, drives adoption and delivers business outcomes across your organization on your desktop and mobile devices through the cloud.

Our key partners

VersaFile is made with IBM, is hosted on the IBM Cloud and to meet your specific needs, we collaborate with partners around the world to bring nothing but the best ECM solutions.

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  • digital signatures for engineering seals and stamps

    Digital Signatures for Vendor Contracts

    Printing, scanning and re-sending vendor documents is time consuming and error prone. Digitize your vendor documents using digital signatures, electronic storage and take advantage of google-like search capabilities within your own vendor documents.

  • Future of Watson Cognitive Search

    What is Cognitive Search?

    If you haven’t heard about this fascinating technology, you soon will. It’s where computers start to figure out what we want, even when we don’t know what we are looking for.
    Make sense? Of course not!

  • Big Data Meets ILG

    Data Overload? Big Data Meets ILG

    Organizations are capturing millions of data points but what are they doing with all of this data after it gets used? We like to think of electronic storage as limitless but your CIO can tell you otherwise, and Legal/Risk Managers are struggling to work with LOB Managers to reduce the liability inherently in the data. That’s where Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) comes to into play.

  • Webinar Registration Document Management

    Video: Automating Controlled Document Management in a Quality-Based Organization

    Change requests, sign-offs, notifications and reporting can all be done electronically and easily, including digital signatures and Engineering Stamps. Process automation makes it easier by eliminating cumbersome tracking tasks allowing more time for value added activities that improve business outcomes.

    In this webinar, you will learn how a heavily regulated organization made the creation, review, approval and publication of controlled documents easier by using electronic workflow. You will see how the process improved their ability to prepare for audits and meet compliance requirements.