Improve Service to Coworkers and Clients
With IBM Advanced Case Management Software
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Good Client Relations Can Involve a Lot of Moving Parts

All departments want to improve customer service to internal and external clients but it can be hard for staff to get all of the information they need in a timely way to make decisions.

Get the Right Info Where & When You Need It

Case management software has evolved to meet today’s worker’s needs so that they can:

  • Source related documents, images, videos, chats and emails quickly and easily to see an entire case’s details to respond to client inquiries in real time.
  • Gain approvals from internal and external sources to make decisions and act accordingly within the auditable solution.
  • Provide mobile access to workers and secure access to outside contractors, vendors or partners to applicable aspects of the case to reduce errors and processing times.
Enhance the Client Experience

Our Case Management solutions focus on workers’ experience so that they are able to enhance their clients’ experience of working with your organization. This results in happier clients and better business outcomes.

Workers Will Find:

  • They can find the information they need more readily
  • They can gain approvals more quickly
  • They have a clearer understanding of clients’ overall case
  • They can easily see next steps & ensure nothing is missed

Clients Will Find:

  • They can upload supporting content easily
  • They can update information without an agent
  • Their inquiry is processed more quickly
  • Hold times and call backs were reduced
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Company Benefits

Workers can do their job more easily and accurately and clients receive better service – how are the results for organizations? Here are some results share by organizations…

  • Increased speed of onboarding new accounts
  • A USD13 million ROI in a three-year period for one company
  • Elimination of printing and postage delivered an estimated cost savings of USD1.1 million in a three-year, risk-adjusted present value.
  • Reduced time needed to get case information: Caseworkers can now retrieve vital case information in seconds versus the 15 minutes it used to take
  • 70 percent ROI within 18 months of implementation
  • Access of documents in seconds versus hours
  • Efficiencies in workflow-automation applications that are deployed between multiple offices in four weeks or less versus six months or more
  • Processes such as fee adjustments and address changes completed in minutes versus a few days
  • Reduction in total processing speed
  • Improved fraud control: Eligibility system integration provides efficiency while tracking duplicate requests, minimizing time spent investigating fraudulent requests
  • Eliminated paper storage: Documents are now destroyed 30 days after their scan date, reducing the amount of space needed for paper storage
  • Allowed case reviews to be conducted from anywhere: This reduces travel time and eliminates the need to transport case files while minimizing shipping costs
  • Improved collaboration with other state agencies: Digitized documents can be emailed quickly instead of having to be located copied or faxed and then refiled
  • Reduced client contact times: Caseworkers can access documents while on the phone with clients—no more hold time or callbacks

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Industry Use Case Examples
Loan Applications

Imagine a client being able to complete their entire application online remotely. Imagine your team being able to focus their time on exceptions and special cases rather than administrative tasks like completing forms and uploading documentation.

Instead of using different systems to manage business processes and specific cases like complaints, disputes and nonstandard loans, everything can me managed within your case management software solution.

Insurance Claims

Would it help a car insurance claim if clients and repair shops were able to upload pictures fo the car and scene directly to a client’s case? How about pictures of a client’s flooded home for a house insurance claim?

If a client contacts you to process a claim or report an incident you want all the required information at your fingertips to act immediately so that it can be resolved quickly and accurately. With our case management solutions clients can not only start the process via their mobile device, take and upload photos for support and this is updated in the case file in real time which allows for immediate processing but can update pertinent details and contact information that these administrative tasks are no longer taking up your workers’ time.

New Account Opening

Opening new accounts involves a number of checks and balances that take up a lot of administrative time. Many of these tasks can be automated so that your team can focus on enhancing clients’ experience. With our case management solutions, the process is accelerated with ID information capture, digital signatures, supporting documentation capture, automatic routing and ensuring all of these and other details are in one easily accessible location for processing.

Incident Management

Incidents are costly – to client satisfaction, your bottom line and in their resolutions. So managing them efficiently and effectively is essential for every organization. With our Incident Case Management solutions, workers will have all the information they need at their fingertips to resolve incidents as quickly as possible. Because incidents can be unpredictable, these solutions are designed to adapt to workers’ needs in the moment – not forcing them into a pre-selected path to resolution unless it is required. Reporting allows you to review performance metrics and ID patterns to mitigate future similar incidents.

Track Fraud

Proactively prevent fraud before offenses occur and ensure your team has the tools to resolve fraudulent activity effectively. When your team has all relevant information within one case file, like camera footage, images, witness statements or reports, they can more easily distinguish fraudsters from compliant clients and detect suspicious behaviours. This results in reduced losses, minimized impact to the organization, increased confidence in your department and an ability to ID emerging trends for future prevention.

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