Making Document Control & Distribution Easier
Critical Content Management
Want to Manage Your Controlled Documents?

CriticalContent is designed to manage controlled content like SOP’s, work instructions, protocols, standards, policies and procedures faster and with better business insight than ever before. Many organizations’ document control system is a spreadsheet and “process” is email. Change requests, authoring and approvals are tracked manually which can be cumbersome, error prone and takes time away from the rest of your work day.

No More Manual Document Control

Ditch the spreadsheets and labour intensive task management! CriticalContent offers workflows that will eliminate cumbersome tracking tasks allowing more time for value added activities. Instead of manually managing when a document needs to be updated, reviewed, approved or published, CriticalContent manages those tasks for you automatically.

Search for controlled documents within CriticalContent
Document Control Software

The CriticalContent Solution automates document management by delivering a pre-configured repository, set of processes, forms, reports and a user portal to drive systematic, consistent and auditable document management. Wow your auditors with end to end reporting of your document control processes to help prove regulatory compliance.

User Portal

It’s intuitive! It’s mobile! It’s secure! This is where and how users access and find the controlled documents and content they need. It’s easy to use and our extensive search capabilities provide employees the right document or content when and how they need it. Easy to use and no training required.

Change Requests Managed through CriticalContent
Search CriticalContent by client, powerful search capabilities

Digital Signatures

Printing hard copies for engineering stamps and inked signatures is a thing of the past. VersaFile CriticalContent offers encrypted digital signatures allowing documents to flow through the approval process seamlessly and digitally – no printing required! Most state governments and provinces’ APEG association recognize digital engineering stamps/seals as legally binding. This is done through Notarius of which VersaFile CriticalContent has incorporated into the technology.

Repository (Document Storage)

Our pre-defined content repository, retention and disposition system does more than just version control! The secured repository scales from a workgroup to the global enterprise. Leveraging IBM Watson Content Analytics, we surface information facets you didn’t even know you wanted.


Already have an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) standard? No Problem! VersaFiel CriticalContent can be made to share with any major ECM platform as your system of record and can integrate with any CMIS system.

Core Features of CriticalContent

Along with all of the standard VersaFile features, CriticalContent offers:

  • Pre-configured workflow processes
  • Electronic forms
  • Pre-configured repository & indexing
  • Digital signatures
  • Audit and pre-set reports
  • Publishing to a user portal with mobile support
  • Rapidly deployed on the IBM Cloud, fully managed by VersaFile
Made With IBM, Served from the IBM Cloud

VersaFile CriticalContent is made with IBM ECM software and served from IBM Cloud centres around the globe, including Canada and Europe, allowing us to meet the world’s strictest data residency requirements. “Made with IBM” provides peace of mind related to quality allowing it to be a safe decision.

Prefer an on premise solution? We can do that too. And our SaaS model allows for easy scalability.

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Policy and Procedure Management Software
Manage the entire document lifecycle in a secure SaaS-based solution. From creation, to review & electronic approvals, managers and users can collaborate in one system that is fully auditable. Never use an out-of-date policy or procedure again!
Managers of Policies & Procedures

Stop wasting time tracking where policies and procedures are, when they need to be updated or who in the review process is holding up the process – VersaFile CriticalContent manages this for you.

  • Full Visibility into a Document’s Status
  • Electronic Signatures/Approvals
  • Version Archive & Disposal
  • Full Audit Trail of Collaboration, Versions & Approvals
  • Electronic Change Requests
  • Pre-Configured Processes, Forms & Reports
  • Integrates with Major ECM Platforms
  • Policy Management
Users of Policies & Procedures

Find what you need, when you need it, easily!

  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Only Current Versions Accessible
  • Google-like Search Capabilities
  • Central Repository for all Documents
  • Managed Change Requests
The VersaFile Advantage

VersaFile’s Policy and Procedure Software was developed by RKO Solutions, a leader in enterprise document management. Companies save time & reduce errors when moving from manual tracking and management to electronic workflow and our fully automated solution. Controlled documents, like policies and procedures, can be regulated so organizations find great value in a fully auditable document management solution.

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VersaFile has the Solution for You

Pre-packaged SaaS based ECM & RM platform based on FileNet to get business value faster.

CriticalContent is designed to process SOP’s, work instructions, protocols and standards faster and with better business insight than ever before.

The ECM QuickStart package is designed to get you earning value quickly upon subscribing to your new ECM and Records Management Platform.