DropZone by VersaFile™

DropZone is the FileNet ECM bridge between users’ desire for ease and efficiency and the organization’s need to capture and record business critical content. The intuitive Drag and Drop batch content import experience of DropZone is achieved through a seamless enhancement of the base functionality of IBM’s Content Navigator user interface. The result is a greatly simplified way to capture business critical content with a “path of least resistance” that users will actually follow to adhere to corporate records polices.

Key Benefits

  • Consistent experience across business units by way of a simple, common, drag and drop entry point for controlled content
  • Ensures optimized content and data entry speed and accuracy by way of a unified view that better leverages users‘ business knowledge
  • Greatly simplifies the process of getting documents into the repository via simple and intuitive out of the box features
  • Enhance your current Navigator implementation with zero impact to your current Navigator configuration; Entry Templates and current Desktop views work as-is
  • More controlled and efficient process via External Data Service (EDS) look ups for controlled population of dropdown lists with default properties from external data sources
  • Greatly increased processing power and decreased frustration when working with multiple documents through easy batch drag and drop import for users
  • Increased accuracy by way of auto population of metadata across all files in the batch
  • Decreased manual data entry and increased accuracy via user selectable persistent properties when adding multiple documents
  • Simple implementation via ICN Server plugin enabled per desktop
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