Mobilizing the Utility Workforce - White Paper
84 percent of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) rate mobile solutions as a critical area for their business and for utilities.
Here’s why:
  • Assets and most of its workforce are distributed across vast territories
  • Workers can enter data much more rapidly, with fewer keystrokes and can sign off on documents electronically
  • Work management tasks can happen in the field, including creating work requests, viewing and updating assigned work orders, capturing labour hours, adding failure reporting, issuing parts and capturing photos as attached documents
  • Safety information and status updates can be sent to via mobile
  • GPS and time recording is automated to optimize jobsite reporting, location data and before-and-after pictures or video
The result?
  • Reduced back-office production times, improved margins, elimination of paperwork and reduced need for supervisory review
  • Decrease the time it takes to improve results to validate consumer claims for jobsite-related damage
  • Safety and weather data can be shared amongst workers in similar locations


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Mobile ECM Solutions for the Utilities Industry
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